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Our Story

As a parent, you always want only the best for your children. I can remember being perplexed trying to decipher the ingredient lists even on "kid friendly" items. Feeling frustrated that I couldn't find anything that was chemical free, let alone actually being beneficial to you, I set out to make my own high quality body products. We live and play in a town that sits at 8,000 feet in thin, dry mountain air! Raw Shea is excellent for moisturizing & nourishing the skin, it's a hydrating super food for your body leaving it beautifully soft. Our skin/epidermis is the largest organ in our body, it absorbs 60-80% of what it comes into contact with, usually within 30 seconds or less. When you use commercial cosmetic products, lotions, perfume, oils and scrubs, all of the ingredients in those products absorb right into your bloodstream. The ingredients in these various products can be dangerously toxic and are even known to attribute to dandruff, allergies, cancer, eczema, migraines and the list goes on.^  That is why the very first thing I made was a batch of Organic Whipped Body Butter rich in Shea. A close girlfriend of mine turned me on to the idea of making my own body products so I decided to give it a whirl and quickly became addicted to making everything for my family since I knew exactly what was in it. When deciding on the ingredients to use having them be of the highest quality was very important. I chose only fresh organic ingredients, along with pure therapeutic grade essential oils for a scent. I love the fact that my children get to grow up free of the horribly toxic overload of commercial bought products. Our philosophy at Joyous Organics is always operating with the environment in mind while using organically grown, fairly traded, sustainable products that help support our world in an utmost positive way. Today, this is the foundation of our line of products.
After that first batch I really wanted to make more, knowing that I could make this stuff even better. I began to tinker with different formulations, using different suppliers for the raw materials, whipping it all together in my own way. All of this lead of course to me having dozens of recycled jelly jars full of body butter, which I gave away to my friends. Soon, I had these same friends telling me how wonderful it was and eventually bringing me the empty jars asking for refills. I brought some with me one time when I went to visit my family as gifts for my sisters, sisters-in-law, parents & friends. A few weeks later my sister-in-law called me up raving about it and really wanted me to make a bunch for her boutique in Los Angeles, but I wasn't really looking to do anything like that so I declined. Even still, she persisted with her praise and encouragement for close to a year. Finally after much prodding, coaxing, encouraging, and even borderline demanding from family and friends I am now sharing my creations with the world.
Joyous Organics' products premiered at the Echo Park Craft Fair in May 2015. It was really exciting to watch people test out and then buy something I had made. It was such a wonderful time speaking with so many people. My Mom, my 6 yr old daughter, and my 9 month old son there with me helping out so that made the whole event even that more special. I ran out of product the first day, and needed to get whipping that night to only run out the next day. So, I ended up mailing a bunch out the following Monday. I am looking forward to being at other events soon so I can share the Joyous Organics philosophy with even more people. The philosophy of making something that is nourishing to your body and completely free of chemicals, additives, or preservatives, using sustainable, fairly-traded, organic products.