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Reasoning Behind Our Biodegradable Tubes

Our planet is facing a huge environmental crisis from the use of plastics, especially containers designed for a single use, and the impact of the pollution is nothing short of catastrophic. Which is why we have decide to start eliminating as much plastic from our line as possible. Our Delightful Deodorant Sticks and our Happy Healing Repair Balm both feature eco-friendly, 100% Biodegradable packaging! They are now available at all Mother's Market and Kitchen locations, along with all other retail partners.

We do realize that these push-up tubes may not be as easy to use for some people as the plastic twist-up tubes were. So, to those customers that find it too difficult to use we are sorry. But, we are doing this for the environment, and if we lose some customers, there is not a lot we can do about it. Other than, be confident in our beliefs and know that a tiny bit of inconvenience it worth it to help our environment that so desperately needs help! Thank you for the support and understanding! Please keep this in mind, the founder of the company has an extremely hard time using her hands due to rheumatoid arthritis, so if she can get these to work, so can all of us. 

Also, we have had a lot of people ask why we do not just use recyclable plastic containers? We did. But, only around 9% of all plastic is recycled worldwide and we just could not keep allowing 91% (or more) of our containers to permanently pollute the earth. 

So, below are a couple of links to articles talking about this devastating global problem. Please be aware that you will be directed to another site and we have NO responsibility for content on the site and we are just providing these for informational purposes only. The pictures are disturbing. 

More to come...


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