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organic deodorant in biodegradable tubes

Delightful Deodorant Stick


SALE! We're making room in our warehouse for new containers. So, any 4.2 oz. sticks remaining (Unscented, Forest, & Lavender) are on sale! Sorry, we also have limited quantities of the 3.4 oz. 

Searching for an organic deodorant that works? Then your search is over! It will leave you and your pits smelling fresh, feeling dry & delightfully confidant all day long! Just lightly swipe on each underarm and be delighted knowing that there are only organic, non-GMO ingredients at work here. Our Delightful Deodorant is also infused with Magnesium which is easily absorbed through the skin. Magnesium is a crucially important mineral that an estimated 80% of us lack in our diet and is vital for optimum health, performing a wide array of biological functions. It's an alkalizing mineral that neutralizes body odor and offers natural relief for various bodily aches, joint pain, sore muscles, migraines & digestion. It also can help you relax in the evening, fall asleep easier & sleep better throughout the night, when you wake you will feel alive & energized. As you can see we love Magnesium & you should too! Available in an Eco-friendly, 3.4 oz./96 g or 1.8 oz./ 50 g plastic free, biodegradable container (push-up tube), so it's not just the right choice for your body, but the environment, too. Check out our reviews to see what other's have to say.

Note: This can be soft in warmer conditions and harder in colder conditions, since there are no additives in it. If cold just simply hold a few seconds on underarm, then swipe. Or, put it in your refrigerator when too soft. All shipments travel through the Mojave Desert, which can be 110°F, so refrigeration for a couple of hours may be required before initial use. Also, the biodegradable tubes push up from the bottom. If it is difficult to push, trying warming it up in your hands for a minute or so, then flip the tube upside down with the lid on and push down in the middle of the bottom. Once you crack that initial seal, the product will work easily after that. Have a Joyous summer!


Ingredients: *Virgin Coconut Oil, *Raw Shea Butter, *Arrowroot Powder, *Kokum Butter, Non-GMO *Cornstarch, Baking Soda, *Beeswax, Magnesium, Various Essential Oils. *= Certified Organic


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